South African Singer Aimée Britannia Releases New Afrobeat Song Titled “Electrify Me”

Aimée Britannia follows up after critical acclaim with producer Blue Scarr, with new single “Electrify Me”

Aimée Britannia | Singer | Electrify Me

Original Art by Sarah Grace

Aimée Britannia van Staden is a South African singer, Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She was given the name Britannia from her mother’s England residency. The Liverpool-based artist creates a fusion of Afro/hip hop and pop music to create a unique sound. Her lyrics often focus on social justice, the future, conscious love, and enlightenment. She released her fully self-produced and recorded debut album Pipe Dreams in 2017 at sixteen. Another notable project by Aimée is “Metaverse” (from the album FANA) released on February 22, 2022. The single has a cathartic aura, with unpredictable ambient breakdowns, and was well-received on several platforms.

The Rise of Aimée Britannia

Aimée Britannia has been showcased by industry leaders Spotify, and SoundCloud. Her collaboration with recording artist Blue Scarr projected the talent(s) to new heights. The pair released “Underwater” on November 17th, 2023. Prior, Aimée was already producing, and writing several polished projects. With the release of "Electrify Me," she continues to top charts on several radio stations and streaming platforms. 

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