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Blue Scarr

Blue Scarr, is a musical artist and music producer hailing from Manchester, United Kingdom. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Scarr embarked on his musical journey in 2021. Initially, he released his early works exclusively on SoundCloud, where he received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Encouraged by this response, Blue Scarr decided to take his music to a wider audience by partnering with a distributor and releasing his debut single, "Call Me," on February 10, 2023. Following the success of his debut single, Blue Scarr continued to captivate listeners with his musical prowess. He released his debut EP, Midnight Blues, and followed it up with the original composition "How Did I Find You?" This track climbed the charts, reaching an impressive number 4 spot on the abreak top 58 charts. In addition to his own compositions, Blue Scarr also showcased his talent as a remixer by collaborating with Canadian singer Eryn Martin. Their collaboration resulted in an official remix of the song "Truck," which was made available on all major streaming platforms.

Blue Scarr has two exciting projects in the pipeline, both of which will showcase his expertise in traditional dance and EDM styles. Recently, he has been promoting two singles, "Rectify," featuring Ariel Petrie, and "Underwater," featuring Aimee Britannia. The latter received significant recognition when it secured a coveted spot on the Spotify Editorial playlist, "SAlt." Furthermore, Blue Scarr's debut album, Masking released on October 6, 2023, delves into his personal struggles with an adult diagnosis of autism. The album's title, "Masking" alludes to the concept of Autistic Masking, where individuals hide their true selves to conform to societal expectations. In his words “My album Masking is based on me and my journey to an autism diagnosis. The diagnosis process happened around the time the album was being finished. The idea to call the album 'Masking' refers to 'Autistic Masking' hiding your true self to appear more 'atypical'. The themes and flow of the album guide the listener through the process of that mask being on at the start and then slipping. The mood and the temperature of the record change as it flows.”