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Aimée Britannia

Aimée Britannia van Staden is a South African singer, Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She was given the name Britannia from her mother’s England residency. The Liverpool-based artist creates a fusion of Afro/hip hop and pop music to create a unique sound. Her lyrics often focus on social justice, the future, conscious love, and enlightenment. She began learning classical piano at five years old and later received the top mark in South Africa at eight. One of the most significant moments in her childhood was performing “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor alongside her father. She furthered her piano skills and continued performing at school. As a teenager, she pursued music as a career. She released her fully self-produced and recorded debut album Pipe Dreams in 2017 at sixteen.

Britannia’s biggest musical influence was Lana Del Ray. On a deeper level, she also appreciated the impact of revolutionaries. Malcolm X was able to use his voice during the civil rights movement which resonated with Aimée Britannia. In an interview with SOXO Radio, she stated "I’ve always wanted to change the world, so influencers such as Malcolm X, Banksy, Paul Bashir and Steve Biko inspire me to dig deeper into my musical meaning and how I can transform the world through art." Additionally, she appreciated Pierce The Veil, Micasa, Bob Marley, Amaarae, Ckay, Rema, Blackie, Ayrra Star, and Toto. Credited figures played an essential role in the development of her musical identity as well. “Say You’re Alive”, was a project conceived during a time of suffering a lot of psychological warfare. A project made as a plea to God due to a complex home life. “21st Century Apocalypse” is about the Covid-19 pandemic. These are just a few projects that emphasize Aimée's longing for a brighter future through unity to impact the world positively. Another notable project by Aimée is “Metaverse” (from the album FANA) released on February 22, 2022. The single has a cathartic aura, with unpredictable ambient breakdowns, and was well-received on several platforms.