Behind the Music: Victoria Vanity on Creating her Latest Album 'H.I.M.'

Dissecting the Album The Story Behind ‘H.I.M’

Victoria Vanity | Musical Artist

Original Art by Victoria Vanity

Victoria Vanity, also known as Leah Harper, is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter known for her boom-bap style, blending jazz, hip-hop, and minimalist jazz. Her music often explores themes of love, nostalgia, and self-expression, connecting with her audience deeply. Victoria's musical journey began at age 5 when her grandfather taught her piano. Her aunt and uncle, jazz singers and actors, also influenced her. In early 2023, Victoria released her first Dancehall track, "Im Jealous," reflecting real-life experiences and relationships. Her latest album, H.I.M. is about a past relationship that affected her mentally and physically. The album aims to express her true feelings and share them with the world, hoping to find the right audience dealing with similar issues. The songs include self-reflection and self-checks, highlighting the impact of her past relationship on her former self.

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