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Victoria Vanity

Victoria Vanity (also known as Leah Harper) is an American singer-songwriter from Chicago. The artist has a very distinct sound. Her music is described as Boom bap, with jazz, hip-hop, and minimalist jazz elements. Victoria's songs often revolve around themes of love, nostalgia & expression. At the age of 5, she was introduced to music through her grandfather. He taught her piano playing while her father frequently played 90’s R&B. Her multidisciplinary aunt and uncle motivated a seven-year-old Victoria through their on-stage performance(s). The pair were talented jazz singers and actors. She expressed admiration for the great singers Erykah Badu and Michael Jackson, stating “Erykah’s style and flow along with Michael's message and love that he puts into his music is powerful.”

She began officially releasing music in early 2023. A Dancehall track titled, “Im Jealous” was her first uploaded project. Regarding the authenticity of her discography, she responded “My music is always based on real events, no matter how traumatic it sounds. My music is mainly about my situationships and since I can’t express myself to that certain person I put it all in a song and hope it finds them.” Her most recent single, “Lost Trust” is a well-composed and professionally produced masterpiece. The single is one of her more cohesive records. Introspective while tame on experimentation by letting her light and airy vocals highlight the project.