abreak58 triumph for Underwater

Blue Scarr And Aimee Britannia Secure Chart Topping Status

abreak58 triumph for Underwater

Original Art by Blue Scarr

UK based indie musicians Blue Scarr and Aimee Britannia are the latest in a line of emerging talents to be introduced as the #1 song on the  prestigious and influential abreak music chart, based in the United States, but heard worldwide. The abreak58 (as it's commonly known) is an independent music chart and playlist run by abreak music and is linked to a radio station of the same name, facilitated by iHeart Radio. All competitors are indie musicians whose songs are selected based on human curation by the abreak music team, headed up by former Sony Music Executive Bruce Tyler. abreak Music also boasts a 24/7 radio station which plays nothing but indie music. "Underwater" began its climb to the top of the charts in early January. Every two weeks the song climbed ever higher before reaching the summit on March 14, 2024. Much praise is reserved for the incredible vocal performance of Aimee Britannia, who worked with Blue Scarr on the song “Underwater.” Neither anticipated the success and reception the song would receive. 

Into The Deep

Blue Scarr reflects on this success in the context of what came before it. Approximately one year ago this week he took tentative baby steps into the shallow end. “I remember some days I had no streams at all…" he commented.  “Getting my first song on the abreak58 in May 2023 (How Did I find You peaked at number 4), really helped me bring my music to a bigger international audience and I believe that my growth since then has been as a direct result of those initial steps, but now this really is deep end territory."

Blue Scarr has over 300,000 streams and over 4000 monthly listeners. Underwater has received huge domestic attention from a number of UK radio stations and podcasts. Blue Scarr credits the incredible support of the community of fans and peers around him for the momentum that otherwise may have been lost early on. The project's rise to the top is a testament to how important it is to harness the love and support of a community.

The Voyage Ahead

“We are both really good at different things, and together we produce great sounding songs. Aimee has a fantastic voice, a real talent for songwriting, and is also an excellent producer. We make a great team." “Blue Scarr's ethereal production made it easy for me to write and record Underwater very authentically and naturally.  His talent and hard work has helped put my music on the map and I'm forever grateful for our friendship", comments Aimee. Blue Scarr explains there is more to come from this chart topping due, with an anticipated release coming in late spring, and more projects in the works. For now though the pair get to enjoy their 2 weeks atop of the charts in the #1 position.  

The chart can be found at www.abreakmusic.com and @abreakmusic on instagram.  Blue Scarr and Aimee Britannia can both be found on instagram as @bluescarrmusic and @aimeebritannia.

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