Musical Artist Artist A.Rob performs “Dammi Falastini” alongside Waheeb Nasan

A.Rob and Waheeb Nasan tour under Mazzika Entertainment

A.Rob | Musical Artist | Dammi Falastini

Original Art by A.Rob 

Musical artist A.Rob (also known as Ameen Rahman) is a Palestinian activist, rapper, producer, and audio engineer from Pennsylvania. With the stage name meaning "Always Remembering Our Blessings." A.Rob's songs are powerful expressions of his life experiences and the injustices he has seen in the world A.Rob demonstrated a talent for writing poetry in his childhood, and a former teacher of his commended his writing capabilities. He was introduced to hip-hop music through his older sister and friends, and this marked the beginning of his journey as an artist. Fifteen years ago, A.Rob began posting his music on MySpace, focusing primarily on insightful rap about culturally relevant and thought-provoking topics. His first single "Reporting Live" was released on May 16, 2017, and he has since built an extensive discography. In July 2023, he had the honor of appearing in Sway’s Universe (formerly Sway in the Morning), where he demonstrated his skills as the winner of "The Saga Continues" with Wu-Tang Clan’s iconic rapper RZA. In addition, A.Rob's music has been featured in films and series, including the upcoming film Not For Nothin and the Netflix series All American Homecoming. Along with the cinematic musical debut, he has an upcoming album release in 2024.

“Dammi Falastini”

The title translates to “Give me Palestine” and is a tribute to the Palestinian people and their ongoing struggle for freedom and justice.  On March 2nd, 2024 Waheeb Nasan brought out A.Rob to perform his single on the second day of the Mazzika Entertainment hosted tour. Waheeb Nasan is a Chicago-based Palestinian American Hip-Hop artist that began releasing music in 2016. His first release was a cover of “See You Again” featuring Kareem Ibrahim released on August 5, 2016. 

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