Nashville's Alt Fest Adds Songwriter Mikki Brayboy to The Roster

BellaOnBass Presents Nashville's Alt Fest with Mikki Brayboy

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Original Art by Mikki Brayboy

Mikki Brayboy, a renowned singer and producer, has gained recognition for her exceptional musical style and captivating performances. Hailing from Virginia, Mikki's passion for music blossomed at a young age, propelling her towards a career in the industry. After completing her education at Shenandoah University, Mikki swiftly established herself as a prominent figure with a series of successful singles that showcased her remarkable talent across diverse genres and tones. Her most recent album, "Amalgamation," released on May 18, 2022, serves as a testament to her versatility as a musician, featuring a wide range of tracks that encompass both lively and dance-worthy tunes, as well as introspective and emotionally-charged ballads. Beyond her accomplishments as a rock artist and multi-instrumentalist, Mikki has also made a significant impact as a composer, lending her skills to various artistic mediums such as theater, film, dance, and commercial music.

Tickets and More Information

Mikki Brayboy's live performance at The 5 Spot, with BellaOnBass, Tommy Exley, GEARS and LB Beistad, $10 Fee, 21+. The show will take place on April 19th 8:30pm EST. The address is 1006 Forest Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37206, United States.

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