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Mikki Brayboy

Mikki Brayboy, a renowned singer and producer, has gained recognition for her exceptional musical style and captivating performances. Hailing from Virginia, Mikki's passion for music blossomed at a young age, propelling her towards a career in the industry. After completing her education at Shenandoah University, Mikki swiftly established herself as a prominent figure with a series of successful singles that showcased her remarkable talent across diverse genres and tones. Her most recent album, "Amalgamation," released on May 18, 2022, serves as a testament to her versatility as a musician, featuring a wide range of tracks that encompass both lively and dance-worthy tunes, as well as introspective and emotionally-charged ballads. Beyond her accomplishments as a rock artist and multi-instrumentalist, Mikki has also made a significant impact as a composer, lending her skills to various artistic mediums such as theater, film, dance, and commercial music.

Mikki's musical journey commenced during her youth, where she showcased her talents in a leading role in the production of "Annie Jr." Her passion for music continued to flourish throughout high school, where she focused on musical theater and music production. Despite facing limited access to recording equipment, Mikki persevered and composed numerous songs that she was unable to release at the time. Upon entering university, Mikki seized the opportunity to pursue her love for music production and recording, officially launching her music career. Seeking further growth and opportunities, she made the bold decision to relocate to Nashville. Presently, Mikki Brayboy remains actively engaged in various projects, utilizing her talents to perform at venues and expand her musical experience.