Musical Artist Mia Automata to Headline at The Walrus Bar & Hostel

Mia Automata Headlines The Walrus Live

Mia Automata | Musical Artist | The Walrus Bar and Hostel | Michael Antony | Musical Artist | Issywashere | Musical Artist

Original Art by The Walrus Live

Mia Automata is a singer and songwriter from England. Taking inspiration from automatons for her stage name, she is known for her introspective songwriting & thematic storytelling. Her creativity sparked at the age of seven after hearing “Lithium” by Nirvana. She is notably one of the artists who use music as a form of communication while showing a great deal of vulnerability. Her stories convey messages that most people can empathize with. Mia has been vocal about how the innovation from creatives behind these titles inspires her artistically. Her music is all based on real-life experiences and will either inspire or sadden a listener. She has more music in development and is currently performing at live events.

Tickets and More Information

Mia Automata's live performance at The Walrus Live, with Michael Antony, and Issywashere, Pricing and Details Pending. The show will take place on March 29th. The address is 172 WESTMINSTER BRIDGE ROAD, LONDON, ENGLAND, SE1 7RW, UNITED KINGDOM.


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