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MIA Automata

Mia Automata is a singer and songwriter from England. Taking inspiration from automatons for her stage name, she is known for her introspective songwriting & thematic storytelling. Her creativity sparked at the age of seven after hearing “Lithium” by Nirvana on a  mixtape she found in a charity shop. At the time she was unaware of the band’s legacy, but the song resonated with her on a deep level. Nirvana introduced stark juxtaposition, complex matters, and compelling instrumentalism to a young Mia. At that moment she began to study guitar, and since then she’s always been releasing masterful conceptual works.

Her first effort was a single titled “That’s Chill Dude”, which was self-released in 2016 on SoundCloud before her official debut in 2020. “Peace of Mind” was released on March 1, 2020, and the eccentricities can be heard with the scaling from high energy to a more nonchalant tone. That dynamic has now become synonymous with Mia, as her token niche. She is notably one of the artists who use music as a form of communication while showing a great deal of vulnerability. Her stories convey messages that most people can empathize with, if not attest to. Art imitating life is not a new concept, and her inspirations coincide heavily with her music. These references are the Silent Hill series, Ghost in the Shell, and NieR. The soundtracks to these video games have been award-winning and critically acclaimed. Mia has been vocal about how the innovation from creatives behind these titles inspires her artistically. Her music is all based on real-life experiences and will either inspire or sadden a listener. The details behind some of her works are tragic, one being the untimely passing of a very close friend. Both she and her lost one were both young and both pursuing the arts until ill fate presented itself. “Make Me Human” from the EP Frankenstein’s Monster was released on April 23rd, 2021. The single was written during a low point in her life when she felt lonesome and disconnected from society. She has more music in development and frequently performs live at shows. Mia stated “ I may or may not be working on an album. I won't confirm or deny…” so listeners and supporters now know there’s more art coming soon.