Nadia Vaeh's Christmas-Themed SIngle "X-Mas Nightmares Has Arrived on Streaming Platforms

How 'X-Mas Nightmares' Is Adding a New Spin to Christmas Music

Nadia Vaeh's Christmas-Themed SIngle
Original Art by Nadia Vaeh

Nadia Vaeh, released her newest single "X-Mas Nightmares" on December 08, 2023. The song is festive, joyful, and atypical making it a must-listen for fans of alternative and edgy holiday music. The song tells the story of a woman who confronts a Santa who’s been rather inappropriate towards her. Using Christmas imagery to convey her message, the single stands up against the patriarchy. The song conveys a strong message about standing up for oneself and not tolerating mistreatment. The visuals complement the theme, with Vaeh portrayed wielding a bat, standing over a defeated and beaten Santa. 

Breaking Down Nadia Vaeh

Nadia Vaeh is a pop-rock artist from Atlanta, Georgia, known for her expressive vocals and diverse musical genres. Her interest in music began at two and she eventually became a lyricist after her mother's suicide. After a tumultuous path, she met a circus ringmaster and began performing again. Her debut single, "Yoyo," was released in 2019. Nadia has received numerous awards, including the "Vox Pop" award from the Independent Music Awards and a W.A.M. Award for "Holidazed & Confused" in the 'Holiday Song' category Her songs often reflect her personal experiences, such as a friendship breakup. Nadia also uses her platform to advocate for mental health and philanthropic activities, including the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project.

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