SOXO Radio | Sweezy and The Discopunk

Sweezy and the Discopunk

Sweezy and the Discopunk, is a notable indie rock duo based in Toronto, Canada. Sweezy and the Discopunk draw inspiration from musical legends, crafting their unique sound that blends indie rock with classic rock elements. Influenced by iconic artists such as The Police and Jimi Hendrix.

The band was formed in August 2022, after a conversation with a mutual friend of the members. The Discopunk plays the drum and guitar, while Sweezy is a vocalist and bass player. With similar views and styles, the band started releasing music in 2023. Their first released project was an EP titled Cerulean City. The four-track project was tailored to be an unrefined tease, showcasing the versatility of the group with the tools at their disposal. In an interview with Crooked Forest, they stated "The production was completely DIY. We want it to sound rough around the edges, so a home production is what we concluded would be our best option. And we wanted to prove that anyone can make good music all you need to do is try." The title track of the EP was hosted on SOXO Radio and iHeartRadio in the same year. Sweezy and the Discopunk currently have their debut album in production.