SOXO Radio | Shamblesxo


Born in Queens, New York, Shamel Anderson (also known as Shamblesxo), is an American Punk Rap artist. His initial debut in music was a snippet released on SoundCloud in 2016, titled "Insight". In 2020, he went on to release a finalized version of the snippet which was poorly received due to the lack of substance and word count. A plan was then formed the same year to launch a respectable brand; later becoming the founder of SOXO RECORDS LLC. After the formation of the recording company, Shambles went on a three year hiatus experiencing personal plights. 

Reframing the hardships faced, those experiences directly influenced Shambles to pursue music to heal himself and others. In 2023, through networking with various collectives (included his short-lived Pre-Sound Demon, and Guap Boyz groups) he met with new musicians orchestrated by DOPETAF. After networking and building relationships he partnered with Mariithekidd and Mia Auotmata to release his hit song VIRAL. Due to the positive reception and staggering support the independent radio station & blog SOXO Radio was created. Adam Ramey of the trap metal band Dropout Kings told Shambles to keep making music and was the first mainstream artist to support his return. Since then Shambles has been active in the DMV, broadening his network and creating more projects with his first collaboration being with Kg Slimes on "Sidekick" (2023).