SOXO Radio | raizo


Born in Canada, Raizo, began releasing music in 2016. He contributes an adaptation of multiple genres through Hip-Hop. Only in 2022, after a one-year hiatus, did Raizo become fully invested in his musical pursuits.

Returning to releasing music, Raizo began networking, collaborating, and establishing a core following. Through a healthy partnership with the DOPETAF lead collective Underground Gemz, Raizo began expanding his coverage and partnering with artists such as Mariithekidd and BiGMoley. Mariithekidd and Raizo released the single “Skrt!” June 9, 2023. The project balances flow, deep bass, and beat chops. The track does represent elements similar to the environment of the (Video Game) franchise Midnight Club, staying on the theme of cars and high octane. His most recent collaboration with BigMoley is a more venturous project with more vocal layering, build-ups, and cohesion. Raizo has traveled across America and Canada with over seven years in music, performing at several live shows. The venues, collectives, and several curators backed him and hosted his music across radio and streaming platforms. The waves of local and online support have impacted the reception of his discography.