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mariithekidd is a hip-hop artist hailing from Lithuania. He’s openly credited his influences from artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, 070 Shake, and A$AP Rocky. Originally from Lithuania, mariithekidd decided to pursue his musical aspirations after relocating to the UK during his formative years. Inspired by the vibrant music culture around him, he began honing his craft and developing his distinct style. Now based in Ireland, mariithekidd remains actively involved in the music scene. mariithekidd's musical journey has seen him release two exciting projects. His first EP, titled "EGO," showcased his willingness to experiment with different sounds and marked the beginning of his artistic evolution. Released in 2022, the 5-track EP drew praise for its innovation and strong musicality.

Following the success of "EGO," mariithekidd continued to build his momentum with his most recent EP, "Artist Vs. The World." Released in 2023, this 3-track project further solidified his unique musical style and showcased his growth as an artist. Released on October 20, 2023, one of mariithekidd's standout tracks, "UNFUCKWITTABLE", blended alternative rock and rap. Continuing his artistry, mariithekidd collaborated with fellow musical artist Raizo on the December 7, 2023, release of their collaborative track, "SPECIAL". This partnership further demonstrates mariithekidd's commitment to creating innovative and exciting music.