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Kidd AKD

Aiveron K Dunn, known professionally as Kidd AKD, is an American artist from Portsmouth, Virginia. Kidd AKD has been labeled emo revival-style rap and the punk rap of the youth subculture. He credited Ross Lynch as their "greatest inspiration." They are also a fan of one of the greatest rappers, Eminem. "All of my songs where I speak on past relationship traumas are based on true events. I make music to deal with those situations. For example, 'In love with our arguments' is about my most recent relationship where me [sic] and a girl split apart due to constant arguing, her accusing me of multiple things I’ve never done."

He soon gained recognition on SoundCloud and Spotify with the release of his 2019 single "AI ft. Dalono", and his popularity grew over time with the release of his earlier projects. In 2023, Kidd AKD's popularity reached new heights around the DMV with his singles "Dear Diary" and "I tried to be a better man", along with many other projects including "Life I Chose" and "Lilo&Stitch." AKD's performances, releases, and ventures have only been well-received by critics and fans alike. He has an upcoming video shoot and a performance at an artist showcase. In the future, the rap artist has plans to pursue a career as an actor as well.