SOXO Radio | Jei-Rynn | Singer


Jei-Rynn, an alt-pop singer based in Southern California, released his debut single 'screaming inside' on February 4, 2022. The song was influenced by his experiences as an Asian-American during the rise of Asian hate during the pandemic. Being of Japanese, Italian, and South American descent, he expresses his emotions through music as a member of a minority. Jei-Rynn started playing the piano at 9 years old and began songwriting after receiving his first guitar at 12. While his childhood was mostly positive, he faced challenges with anxiety and depression during his teenage years. He played in bands during his teens, opening for notable artists such as the Higher, the Wonder Years, and John Nolan. Later, he learned to produce his own music and even performed as part of Olivia Rodrigo's backing band. He also collaborated with mixing engineer and drummer Dan Konopka of OK Go to refine his songs. In 2019, Jei-Rynn decided to pursue music professionally after years of playing in bands. 

He released two more singles, 'walk away' and 'still alive', before launching his debut EP, overreacting, in 2022. The EP was produced by Zack Odom, Kenneth Mount, and Alex Arias. Jei-Rynn has had the opportunity to open for artists like Lil Xan, Love Ghost, and Tommy Next and has plans to continue performing in California and across the US in 2024 and 2025. His latest single, 'bloodsuckers', produced by Marshall Gallagher, was released on November 24, 2023. Jei-Rynn draws artistic inspiration from musicians like Radiohead, Nirvana, and Joy Division, as well as filmmakers such as David Lynch, Tim Burton, and Stanley Kubrick, for his self-directed music videos. A significant moment in his career occurred in March 2024, when remixes of "bloodsuckers" reached number 10 on the UK commercial pop charts.