Zack Zaro Headlines The Bowery Electric

Zack Zaro, Nick Sanza, Ditto., and Shofi Perform at the Esteemed Bowery Electric

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Original Art by Zack Zaro

Zack Zaro is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from New York. His parents are Greek and Italian and he was raised in Long Island. Their fondness for the arts inspired him to be a part of music. The support was not only familial but a friendship. Through that bond, Zack was introduced to unique music. As a child, he always wanted to be a performer. Many paths were pursued, from being in a boy band and a short spell as a magician. It was around twelve years old that Zack began to practice the guitar. After the pandemic, he realized he wanted to dedicate his talent and creativity to being a musician. His dad once told him “Put all your pokers in the fire and whatever one gets hot first you take out.” Now as an artist, he continues to embark on a new journey.

SOXO Radio | Zack Zaro | Musical Artist | Zack Zaro Headlines Bowery Electric | Mia Isabella Photography

Mia Isabella Photography

Initially, he was a member of the band All My Sons. The group released a self-titled EP on May 20, 2019, with Nolan Lunsford, Danny Scandura, Liam Cashin, and John Coyne. The band also released the (live session) single “The Dress” on March 27th, 2023. As a solo act “E.T.A.” is his professional debut. In his words “E.T.A”, “ about a real relationship I had where a lack of presence on my end was one of the major contributors to it failing. I spent a lot of time harping on what went wrong on their end at first. It wasn’t until I took some accountability for what I did wrong that I started to see the relationship for what it was.” His project titled “Once in a While” became one of his more challenging pieces. The song was fragmented in different stages of the process until one day he married them. As it stands, “Once in a While” is now one of his favorite written bodies of work. His upcoming single “Awfully Lucky” is a new style for listeners. The electric guitar will heavily influence the track, unlike his acoustic displays on previous projects.

Tickets and More Information

Zack Zaro's live performance at The Bowery Electric, with Musical artists Nick Sanza, Ditto., and Shofi, Ticket Price $20 . The show will take place on April 28th 7:00pm. The address is 327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003 UNITED STATES.

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