SOXO Radio | Freem | Musical Artist


Freem (standing for Freeman) is a self-taught Singer, rapper, and producer from Southern Ontario. Since 2016, he’s been making music as a hobbyist. In 2020, during his college years, he met a group of artists in a music program. He used the encounter as inspiration and dropped out of school to pursue music full-time. In the following years, Freem has built a small cult-like following and performed countless shows while working alongside his label. Freem described his inspirations stating “Pretty well every life experience inspires me. Negative, positive, and everything in between. My music represents my life. My experience. But if we are talking about artists who inspire me, I often speak about XXXTENTACION. He was one of the first artists I felt a true connection with.”

A milestone in his career was his position at a studio owned by producer Cam Banika. His debut single is titled “Sky.” After discarding projects he decided to release his upcoming song as his official debut. The single is about anxiety and fear of wasting time. For Freem, he explained it’s actually about his anxieties of not having published songs as a musician. He elaborates on stressors, coping mechanisms, and fears in his project. SOXO Radio was giving a private screening of the upcoming project and stated, “‘Sky’ is worth the wait. It captures the essence of his new sound comparable to Don Toliver yet distinct enough to be Freem’s voice and staple. Overall the project sets the bar high for all debuts following its release.”