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Dope TAF

Dope TAF is a versatile artist born in Los Angeles, California. He later moved to Huntsville Alabama where he took his aspirations to become the best musical artist. The 23-year-old has now garnered attention globally as a creative talent. Before his current status, his beginnings started in his childhood. He grew up in a family with multiple musically inclined individuals. Pursuing music was his calling, and at eight he channeled that. With support and participation from his siblings Tiani, and Timaya, they created a single. Since that collaboration, he has been actively making his long-term goal(s) a reality.

At 16, Dope TAF committed to a professional music career, after extensive dedication over time.  Inspired by his truth, he communicates his personal experiences through his music. In an almost obsessive way, he admits stating “I’ve never really been patient with communicating, it’s easier and more fulfilling to make a track. It’s a stress reliever and joyful activity I like to do. But also it’s an obsession, it’s times I tell myself to take a break and I can’t stop writing to save my life. “ Accumulating local buzz, through his many releases, he formed the collective Underground Gemz. Underground Gemz consists of industry professionals and artists all working together to promote their careers while learning more about the music industry. The initiative unites several talents and actively assists in their careers by presenting several opportunities. His leadership is reflecting not only in his network but also in his discography. His single “1DAY” released on January 26, 2023. The project amassed over thirty-five thousand streams collectively. The feats don’t end there as Dope TAF had the honor of doing an out-of-state show in Charlotte, North Carolina. In an interview with Shamblesxo of SOXO Radio, he hints at a new release. “ Strong Enough, the intro to my latest EP. Super raw, and honest, while being as strong as I can be. Gotta peep it out to understand why I say that! “