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Connor McCann

Connor McCann is a singer-songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland. His debut was released when he was around the age of seventeen. It was a raw piece in protest of the 2009 United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal. Soon after, he partnered with bassist Padraig Kerr to perform cover songs. The pair introduced to Patrick Blanley, who at the time was the guitarist for the pop-punk band Breaking Even. The trio had discussions about forming their own band, the Stonemasons. The Stonemasons started as a smaller band from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, but went on to receive recognition for their unique stamp. In early 2010, their live performances blended prog, punk, grunge, and post-rock elements into dynamic pop, and the band earned a reputation as a live act like no other. After several live shows and a successful EP, Lost Layers, the band disbanded on April 30, 2016.

The singer now travels and performs alongside Kira Topalian, Kristen Hansen, and Solstice. The artists collectively formed Connor McCann and the Heroine Choir. Connor met his new bandmates at Maddens Bar in Belfast. The artists have released three singles to date. “Lady Rest”, “I believe”, and “Hard times”. “Hard times” was created by incorporating a fan letter written by Hunter S. Thompson. Another track influenced by others would be “Ever the Dreamer”. The single tells the story of two unnamed people Connor cared about being at odds with each other. With the upcoming song(s) comes extensive touring for the group. The newest member of the band is the guitarist Mark Hamilton. A solo album called Without Wax (and a single titled “These Fires”) will be released, but within the next year, Connor McCann says, “I will be touring this album extensively but within the next year I will be creating two EPs with my band, one will be stories within the genre of Irish folk horror and the other a concept album about being separated from someone after the fall of civilization and making your way back. You can see why I had to separate them."