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Chloé Sautereau

Formerly known as  “sautereau”, Chloé Sautereau, is a Swiss/French/Brazilian singer-songwriter, originally from Geneva, Switzerland. She began her professional career in Switzerland. Through her performances at several venues, she made her presence known. As a 13-year-old, Chloe was proficient in both writing and singing. Two years later she arranged and recorded one of her first songs in a studio. Her debut single "Beautiful Games", was released in 2016 while her debut EP project, As I Keep on Dreaming, was released in 2019. Under her new alias Chloe Sautereau, she released three projects. "Get to Know You Game" came out in May, followed by "Ten Thousand Stories" in August, and "Somebody Who's Not Me" in September. “Somebody Who’s Not Me” will have an official music video released on November 9th, 2023. Her inspirations include Holly Humberstone, Del Water Gap, Gracie Adams, FINNEAS, MUNA, the Smiths, Arcade Fire, Laurie Anderson, Kanye West, Prince, and David Bowie. Chloe stated concertgoing was also an influence on her artistry.

At 19, the singer moved to New York City to begin her music studies at the Clive Davis Institute. In her interview with SOXO Radio, regarding the source material of her project(s) she stated “Again, all of it is based on real things. Writing and finding the words may dramatize the feelings a little, or turn them more abstract, but I actually get pretty specific in my lyrics because I love telling stories that way. And telling real stories, to me, is a way to tell the most relatable ones; if you're feeling it, somebody down the street from you is feeling it too. So it's difficult for me to choose one song to be specific about... but in "Ten Thousand Stories" I mention running by the Hudson; in a previous project called "What If" I talked about sipping on Americano's in Bryant Park... those are all real, they're moments that, however simple, are engraved in my mind and that made it to these songs, hopefully painting a picture and capturing a feeling. There's a thrill to fitting things in a song just as they are; it makes it feel all the more real.”