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Bre Maa

Bre Maa, also known as T.H.C. (The Hood Celestial), is a multi-talented musical artist hailing from rap, poetry, and healing. Inspired by her loved ones who have overcome immense challenges and grown into their best selves, Bre Maa draws motivation from anyone who takes control of their destiny. In her early 20s, she went through self-discovery to heal her younger self and figure out how to present her art to the masses. This awakening connected her to her ancestral roots, establishing a spiritual connection with her deceased grandfather (whom she’d never met).  Although he died years before her birth, through learning about her ancestry, his support of her pursuits and passions is evident. She also had experienced a connection with someone she had interest in, resulting in heartbreak. With insight, she was inspired to pursue music and productively use the negative situation to promote individuality and strength.

In 2017, Bre Maa made her mark with the release of two powerful singles on SoundCloud titled "Hood Zen Manifesto pt. 1" and "B.U.M." These tracks were later featured on her EP, Brightly Unveiling Majesty, which debuted on August 25th, 2021. The EP showcased Bre Maa's lyrical prowess and brought her talents to a wide audience. Bre Maa was also featured on Binary Star's acclaimed double album, Light Years Apart, released on August 24th, 2018. Her feature on Light Years Apart served as a pivotal moment in her career, as she recognized and embraced her full potential. Among her standout tracks, "Dear Baba" from the EP Brightly Unveiling Majesty stands as an ode and metaphor for Hip-Hop, showcasing Bre Maa's deep connection and passion for the genre. Currently, Bre Maa is embarking on an exciting new project, collaborating with producer JonesJamesEarled under the name The Missed. Their upcoming 2-part album, Love Restoration/Epoch of Equinox, promises to be a vibrant and fresh representation of Hip-Hop, drawing inspiration from different eras and incorporating masterful storytelling. With JonesJamesEarled's expertise and originality, the duo aims to create an exceptional piece that will captivate Hip-Hop enthusiasts. With seventeen years worth of rich source material in Hip-Hop, Bre Maa's alternating perspectives and expressions on the culture will undoubtedly provide a unique and compelling listening experience.

“I'd like to thank SOXO Radio for having me and taking some interest in learning more about me and my journey. I also want to send warm hugs to those who need it and invite anyone learning about me here to connect with me on my social media platforms to be tapped in for my next releases and upcoming events. Gratitude, thanks again.” - Bre Maa