Musical Artist SN Releases New Hip Hop Single "Who’s Dat”

SN | Musical Artist | Who's Dat

Original Art by SN

SN ‘Sanjeev Singh Nijjar’ is a British-Indian rapper from Southampton, England. In secondary school, he became enamored with the subtle nuances and complexities of Hip-hop. His musical journey started in Bournemouth, Bengal Road. SN rapped alongside a group of friends that had experience in music making. SN cited seeing other musicians and talents achieving their goals as one of his motivators. He released a project in 2022 to introduce himself to listeners and fans. His official debut, “Dojo”, was released on May 12, 2023. His openness, lyricism, and rawness connected with some listeners who have gone through similar situations. He self-released his music, networked, and collaborated the following monthly since his debut. 

“Who's Dat”

"Who's Dat" (released on February 16th, 2024) is SN's latest single. The song was originally teased on Feb 8th, 2024 with visuals followed by snippets. The song deviates from his back catalog, opening with a heavily edited sample. Through the song’s progression SN reflects on the advantages and disadvantages of rising in Hip-Hop. Scarce bravado, but openness and full transparency, from experiences at university to performing at live events and series.

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