Chima Anya's Single "Day by Day" Highlighted on BBC Radio 1Xtra

"Day by Day": From Studio to BBC Radio 1Xtra

Original Art by Chima Anya

BBC Radio 1Xtra is known for its commitment to showcasing a broad range of music, particularly from genres like hip hop, grime, and R&B. It's plausible that 'Day By Day', with its blend of soulful hip hop, would have found a place on the station's playlist. Produced by NEVUSSIDE, the single samples "Long Goodbye" by The Devonns. 'Day By Day' also emphasizes the importance of patience and the belief in gradual progress. The title itself suggests a step-by-step approach to life, underscoring the idea that success and happiness are often the result of consistent effort over time.

A Closer Look at Chima Anya

Chima Anya, a Romanian hip-hop artist and medical doctor, is known for his soulful music that inspires listeners to embrace life's value. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, faith, and music, he creates intellectual rap tracks with elastic flows. Chima has collaborated with renowned artists like DJ Premier, J Dilla, and Pete Rock. His song "After All This Time" pays tribute to his late friends Mirela and Ade, sparking interest and collaborations. His latest album, Modern Fairytale, has reached 1,000,000 streams on Spotify.

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