SOXO Radio | BiGMoley | Musical Artist


BiGMoley is a well-known rapper in the subgenre cloud rap. Known for his autotune use, lo-fi influence, and pop beats. He was born in Leominster, Massachusetts. His childhood was riddled with the loss of friends and the pursuit of a positive outlet. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, he began pursuing music professionally in 2015. His debut single “IFUCKEDYOBITCH” was uploaded to SoundCloud exclusively. Over his career he has several accomplishments on his portfolio., BiGMoley's talent has been recognized locally and online. He’s performed at local events, and numerous live shows, leaving audiences invested in his artistry. Collaborating with esteemed rapper Raizo on the single "Watch Out!" showcased BiGMoley's ability to work seamlessly with fellow artists, resulting in a track that garnered moderate success. Another notable collaboration in BiGMoley's repertoire is the single "Respekt," featuring the talented rapper Ayra. This collaboration showcased BiGMoley's versatility as an artist, seamlessly switching between smooth flows.

Currently, BiGMoley is focused on his recent project. "This Thing Of Ours," a 5-track EP that promises to challenge most upcoming acts in the rap scene. With his unique blend of atmospheric production and spectacle.  With his performances, impressive collaborations, and latest EP, BiGMoley has continued to release impressive and quality music with each release surpassing the last for his “Art Project.” In his 2023 interview with Shamblesxo of SOXO Radio BiGMoley (concerning his influences he stated), “It’s very hard for me to answer because I'm inspired by everyone in certain aspects, especially musical artists, it's just hard for me to formulate this answer into words 90% of the time.. so myself I guess?"